1. Open the Windows Start menu, search for the Control Panel, and click on the icon for 2. Mail.


2. Click the Show Profiles button (note: if this is the first time you have setup your email you may not see this dialogue).


3. Click the Add… button to create a new email account


4. Enter a Descriptive Name as your profile and click OK.
IMPORTANT: Remember this name as you will need to know it later. 


5. Type your UConn email address. If you are unsure of your UConn email address you may look it up at http://phonebk.uconn.edu.
It is usually firstname.lastname@uconn.edu.
Click Next to continue.


6. A pop-up will appear with your NetID@ad.uconn.edu. Replace that with your FirstName.LastName@uconn.edu. Enter Your NetID password. Check “Remember my credentials,” and then click OK.


7. Click Finish.


8. You will now be back to the "Mail" window. You will want to select "Awlays use this profile" and select the profile name that you created in step 4.


If you do not then when you start Outlook you will see the following dialog. Select the profile name that you created in step 4.  


You may also check your email at https://login.microsoftonline.com/.
You will log in with your UConn email address that you entered in step 5.

If you have any issues please call InCHIP IT at 860.486.0997