1. Launch Outlook

2. Click on the "File" from the ribbon at the top of the application


3. Click on the "Account Settings" button and select "Delegate Access".


4.Click the "Add..." button.


5. Under "Search" type the person's last name. Select the person from the list you wish to grant access and click the "Add ->" button. and click OK


6. Select "Editor" for each of the drop-drown options, next to only the items you wish the person selected in the previous step to have access to.

NOTE: If you wish for the person to receive the confirmation messages for any calendar items they create for you make sure that you check the "Delegate receives copies..." option.

Make sure that you check the option "Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions" and click OK


7. Click OK

8. Click the left pointing arrow in the top of the screen to return to email.